by Mills Labs

The best LED solution for Shoebox High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp replacement with low initial investment

Replace 320 - 400 watt HID lamps in existing fixtures

Mills LED lamps provide an easy LED solution with a fast payback to replace High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps in Shoebox area flood lighting applications. These lamps bring the energy efficiency and long life benefits of LED to HID replacement, with a low initial investment delivering instant savings.

With the right lamp size and light distribution, customers can easily retrofit Mills LED lamps into their existing system, thereby enhancing the light quality without having to change the fixtures or sacrifice the light effect.


  • Up to 50% energy saving compared with conventional HID systems
  • Direct lamp replacement solution without changing the fixture: cost saving with quick payback
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Direct mains solution: 110-277V
  • Long lifetime of 50,000hrs
  • High Lumen output, instant on, no flicker, right lamp size and lighting distribution for direct retrofit
  • Surge Protection and OTP (over temperature protection)
  • Public urban - parks, squares
  • Public road - streets, paths
  • Public area - parking, transportation hubs

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